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The next time something triggers you emotionally, do this...

I love it when you can dip back to the ancient Greeks and pull out a bit of wisdom. Speaking on emotional intelligence (of course they didn't call that back then) Aris...

The existential landscape and the paradox of significance and emptiness

Crossing the border into existential territory on this one. Join me.

What I'm most grateful for about being human

I spent some time out in nature reflecting on the gift of being human.

What patterns do you need to break?

I explore this question on the Coach's Notes today: What do you need to unlearn or what patterns do you need to break in order to manifest the future you really want?

The Egg of Being

Today's Coach's Notes is going to be a bit of a mind-bender, which often happens when you talk about spiritual growth, Self-development, consciousness, and things of t...

How does fear shape your limits?

Learning to reframe your fear is a vital ingredient to your success.

Just a thought about imperfection

Today is one of those days where my mood is as gray as the sky outside. Watching the rainfall, my mind drifts from thought to thought without rhyme or reason. I settle...

Do you have a plan B?

Personally, I like the idea of NOT having a plan B, that way I'm forced to go all in or not at all.

Are you a certainty junkie?

How do you tell the difference between the voice of reason and the voice of excuse?

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Even after 20 years in the game, I still have moments of doubt and feel the cold hand of despair squeezing my heart. Fortunately, I'm prepared for these moments.

The Social Clock Is Ticking...Are You on Track?

The sociologist Bernice Neugarten pointed out that members of society hold expectations of what people should have accomplished by certain points in their lives and if...

Make a True Decision and Get On With It!

I'll spare you the new year, new me talk. This is about crafting a clear vision of what you want in 2021 and then committing to yourself to make it happen regardless o...

The Coach's Notes 30

When in do-mode, I find it hard to make time to sit and reflect. My body gets agitated. My mind rebels and acts like a toddler, easily distracted, wandering off to cha...


In this episode of the Coach's Notes, I share 4 key questions to ask yourself when faced with uncertainty.

Stress and the Overextended Persona

In this episode, Clay and Nicola talk about the Overextended Persona in the Lumina Spark Model and how the persona relates to stress.

Leading a Team in a Pandemic World

In this episode of the Coach's Notes, I get together with a couple of my friends, Jennifer Brown and Lynsey Weir, who are also leadership coaches, to talk about what t...

Soothing Soul

A coffee contemplation exercise...

Resilience and Dealing with Uncertainty

In this episode, I catch with Coach Andy Chandler to talk about what it takes to be resilient and deal with uncertainty in a time of crisis.

Take what's useful, disregard the rest

For all my friends in the UK, welcome to Lockdown 2020, week number 6. I hope you had a fabulous weekend and managed to get some sun (in your back garden of course!). ...

Back to morning pages

Today I returned to a practice I haven't done in a while, a practice called morning pages. In this episode of the Coach's Notes, I recap on the practice and what l...

What the Big 5 Personality Test Reveals [podcast]

Audio podcast version here. For the video version go here. I'm a big fan of behavioral style profiles and personality tests. I think they're a great place for you t...

Rethinking my relationship with the rhythm of time

Day 8 of lockdown and I'm beginning to rethink my relationship with time and establishing a new rhythm that is not tied to the industrial revolution construct of time.

Some thoughts on remote working

In today's 'cast, I share some thoughts on remote working for people who may be new to this way of working. You can follow this link and listen to the episode or fi...

More Than Interesting Times

Musing over the state of affairs we find ourselves in with Coronavirus.

Why You Shouldn't Worry About the Path You Choose

Many of us Gen X types are standing at a crossroads in life wondering which path we should choose next. Staying on the same path no longer seems a viable option. But w...

My Dragon Is Bigger Than Yours!

We all have our dragons to slay.

The Secret to Making Better Decisions: Identify Your Authentic Core Values and Make Them Explicit

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what their core values are. Be honest…if I asked you right now what are your authentic core values, could you ...

Learning tech, Aldo, and how ideas influence us

I went on my annual pilgrimage to London for the Learning Technologies Conference and exhibition. I met a number of characters from my past, including the dude respons...

Balancing the "New" Human

A way forward...

You have to stand for something

In this 'cast, we go for a walk in the woods and I share my core values with you and share why it's important to be intimately familiar with your core values.

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